Mizoram - Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and Festivals Mizoram

The traditional repertoire of festival, folk and community dances offers visitors a delightful insight into the tribal heritage of Mizo culture in all its richness and variety. Surprisingly, some of the most popular dances, such as the Cheraw (bamboo dance), Khuallam, Solakia and Chheih Lam, were never created for the stage. Rather, they evolved spontaneously out of community spirit and participation.

This annual festival is usually held on the first Friday in March. It is a time when visitors get a chance to see the local people in their rich ceremonial costumes. The traditional dress, jewellery, exotic headgear and weapons worn by the representatives of all tribes in Mizoram showcase the most colourful aspects of Mizo culture. The most important dance on the programme is the famous Cheraw or Bamboo Dance.