Indigenous Knowledge Feed

This section of our website will house a collection of short stories and articles that celebrate specific facets of North East Indian culture such as gastronomy, plant wisdom & medicine, arts & crafts, spirit & magic, etc.

Portrait of a Conservation Pioneer

Posted on 08 June 2017 | Comment
Located about 25 kilometers from Tawang near the Indo-Tibetan border, Gomkhang village is home to Tsering Topgey and his unique organic nursery. The 68-year-old dedicates himself full-time to cultivating wild medicinal plants, to practicing Tibetan medicine and to creating awareness about the need for conservation. Click to read more

Preserving Heritage the Brokpa Way

Posted on 05 June 2017 | Comment
The craft of cheesemaking came to Arunachal Pradesh together with Tibetan Buddhist culture over 2000 years ago. Nomadic herdsmen once stored milk in animal skin bags where it was allowed to ferment, a step in the process which remains very similar today. Raw milk from animals that graze on pristine pastures and the seasoned hands of herdsmen or Brokpas are all that go into the making of ‘Chhurpi’, the ultimate organic cheese.      Click to read more

Tawang Focus – The Art of Making Paper

Posted on 04 June 2017 | Comment
It was a mild morning in May with barely a wisp of cloud in the cobalt sky over Tawang, a perfect day for our visit to Mukto, a village inhabited by Monpa tribals who are known for their traditional papermaking craft. Click to read more

Traditional Silk Production in Manipur

Posted on 30 May 2017 | Comment
Manipur is a state rich in culture where each tribe has its own customs and language. But from the rugged hills to the loamy valley, there is one common thread that unites them in tradition: all across the land, Manipuri women are expert weavers. Click to read more