Our Mission

At Holiday Scout we celebrate North East India and endeavor to bring all that we love about North East India closer to travelers from around the world.

The North East region is one of rich cultural diversity and heritage. It is home to an estimated 220 ethnic groups, many of which are organized in tribal communities that still speak distinctive language dialects. This linguistic variety has served to preserve a great array of oral folk traditions, rituals and festivals, and  means of expressing tribal identity that include dress, adornments, crafts and cuisines.

At Holiday Scout we understand the intrinsic role that language plays in transmitting the essence of culture. So when we travel off the beaten path to visit tribal villages, we engage local guides who have grown up listening to the tales and songs of their elders. Behind every feast, dance, costume and ceremony lies a story waiting to be translated and told by these gifted memory keepers.

At Holiday Scout we strive to develop a responsible tourism model which is based on the preservation of cultural traditions and which involves, trains, remunerates and thereby ultimately motivates villagers to become expert story tellers, to promote their own culture and to preserve their sense of tribal identity, pride and spirit.