Dirang Heritage Tour in 1 Day

1 Day Tour
0 Nights / 1 Day
Arunachal Pradesh
Like three beads on a chain, Dirang lies between Bomdia and Tawang. Settled over a millennium ago, Dirang's fortified old town is still intact and inhabited. The architecture reflects the building style typical of Monpa houses to this day.

Sangti Valley near Dirang is one of the most picturesque landscapes in the Eastern Himalayas where green hillsides are plump with orange and kiwi groves, and the scent of earth and pine from nearby forests fills the air. This day excursion allows plenty of time to admire the idyllic scenery here which is dotted with shrines and silver streams.  

08.30 AM: Meet our guide for briefing on the itinerary for the day.

09.00 AM: Visit medieval Kastong Monastery which stands watch over the gateway to West Kameng. The intricate and beautifully maintained 'sambu' which adorn doorframes, window encasements and even entire ceilings at this revered sacred site are reason alone to visit. But it is also from this unique vantage point, that the most breathtaking panoptic views of Dirang village and the surrounding valleys can be taken in.

09.30 AM: Walk down to and explore a 9th century Monpa village. See the quaint stone tribal houses built with fairytale-like whimsy.

10.30 AM: Drive to Sangti Valley and spend two hours at your leisure.

12.30 PM: Drive back to Dirang for lunch.

14.00 PM: Visit a hot water spring known for its medicinal healing power. Drive on to Chug village located in a serene alpine valley flanked by a patchwork of woodland and meadow where silence is broken only by the gurgle of a nearby river, the maw of grazing cattle and the bluster of the wind.

16.00 PM: Drive back to Dirang and stop for a stroll in the market - TOUR ENDS.

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"I'm a woman entrepreneur from Austria and run a resort in Goa, India. I have rarely followed the crowd, have always lived curiously and am unafraid to travel alone. But when the time came for me to explore India, I wanted someone else to put together a fascinating itinerary and look after the logistics for me so that I could totally let my hair down and have fun.

It was a huge stroke of good fortune that I found out about Sange Tsering - The Holiday Scout. Highly knowledgeable about the natural, historical and cultural treasures of Northeast India, well organized and committed to customer satisfaction in his approach, Sange is more than a qualified travel guide.

Given his contagious enthusiasm for discovery, Sange encouraged me to try everything and what started out as a tour quickly became a glorious pursuit of new life experiences which we found and swallowed whole for eleven straight days! Northeast India is a truly mesmerizing region, and I will surely return to travel with The Holiday Scout - the guide makes all the difference."

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